Thasren Mein is the youngest son of Heberen Mein, younger brother of Hanish and Maeander Mein.

Appearance Edit

Thasren was well known in the Mein Plateau for being born with long, brown hair, unlike the brittle straw-colored hair of the Mein. His hair had always embarrassed him and made him somewhat of an outcast.

Early Life Edit

Not much is known of Thasren's early life, other than he was born a member of the noble Meinish family. His hair, and the embarrassment that it caused him, are what helped convince him to set aside his noble life and become an assassin. His un-Meinlike hair allowed him to sneak into southern places where the Mein are considered unwanted.   

The War with the Mein Edit

Thasren was sent south by his brother Hanish, current chieftan of the tribes of the Mein Plateau, to elliminate King Leodan Akaran. Hanish knew that only Thasren would be able to accomplish this task because of his brown hair. He rode from the stronghold of the Mein fortress, Mein Tahalian, to the southern port of Alecia, a trip that took him several weeks and many different disguises to sneak past offcials and guards. From there, he took a transport boat to the island of Acacia, taking in the beauty of the pinkish stone wall and terraced city, comparing it to his own bleak and dark home of Tahalian. After gathering information, he immediatetly went to the district of the city that housed foreign dignitaries to find the Mein ambassador, Gurnal. Disgusted by how Gurnal had forgotten where he came  from, he snuck into the ambassador's compund that night and bound all of Gurnal's family, including him, and killed their three household servants. Thasren forced him at knife point to explain to him all of what he would be required to say and do to pose as the ambassador, when he would next be near the King, and what Hanish would do to Gurnal and his family if they failed at their next task. Two days later, during the Aushenian banquet, Thasren went to the palace wearing the ambassador's clothes and a wig, and made his way over to the King. He took out his hidden knife, but the guards got in his way and he ended up defeating or wounding all of them. He stabbed the King in his left chest and then used the same knife to slit his own throat. His last words before he died was the Prayer of Joining, the praise song of the Tunishnevre.