Maeander is the middle child of Heberen Mein, younger brother of Hanish and older brother of Thasren Mein.


Maeander has the classic brittle, straw-colored hair of the Mein, which he keeps long and combed out. He is described as being very tall and muscular, with broad shoulders and muscled thighs.

Early LifeEdit

Maeander was born to the noble Mein family with his brothers Hanish and Thasren. At some point in his life, he became head of the Punisari, the elite guard force of his people's martial traditions.

The War with the Mein Edit

When Hanish declared war on Acacia, Maeander was put in charge of a large bulk of the Mein and Numrek army while Thasren went on his mission to Acacia. After Hanish visited the fortress of Cathgergen and won the governer Rialus Neptos to their side through fear and promise, Maeander stayed at the fortress with his men. While there, he enjoyed flustering and teasing Rialus and forcing him to do his own bidding during his stay. Before leaving, Maeander ordered that the three companies of Cathgergen guards, consisting of one thousand soldiers each, be ordered into the baths together. There, Rialus would shut off all of the heat vents that did not connect to the baths and transfer all of that heat to the baths, so that all of the guards inside would suffocate and die from the heat, steam, and boiling water. Their bodies would then be cooked and served to the Numrek army that was currently coming to accept the fortress as a gift from Hanish.