The Lothan Aklun are the mysterious peoples from the Other Lands that trade with the League. According to the book, they have been doing business with the league for over 22 generations.

The Lothan Aklun have been characterized as a very devout and ceremonial group. They wear on white robes.They are known to be very powerful and rumored to use souls to power their devices.

At the beginning of the series it is established that the Lothan Aklun has been in business with the League and Akaran dynasty for 22 generations. The Lothan receive quota, or child slaves, in exchange for mist. The mist keeps the people of the Known World blissful and subjugated from activities the Acacian Empire exists. The trade was established by Tinhadin, the Akaran dynasty founder, to ensure lasting peace. Eventually the League, growing increasingly ambitious under Sire Neen, uses a poison that destroys the entire Lothan race.