King Leodan Akaran, son of Gridulan Akaran, was the current head of the Akaran Dynasty on Acacia and ruler of the Known World. He was married to Aleera Akaran, with whom he had four children: Aliver, Corinn, Mena, and Dariel. Leodan was a frequent user of the mist, the drug that numbed the thoughts and senses of most of the kingdom's population.

Appearance Edit

His face has the texture of tanned leather, and he has a dusting of white hair that highlights his otherwise dark hair, betraying both his age and kingly burdens.

Early Life Edit

Leodan was born into the Akaran family on the island of Acacia. His father, Gridulan, always thought of Leodan as weak and unfit to come into power as a child. Leodan's best friend and chancellor, Thaddeus Clegg, loved him dearly and was always close to his best friend's side. He fell in love with a woman named Aleera, who he loved more than anything or anyone else, and was devastated when she died. It was Aleera's death that turned Leodan to the mist, so that while under the effects of the drug he could be close to her again. He projected all of the love that had been his wife's to their children, his emotions constantly conflicting with each other when around them. He felt overwellming happiness when spending time with his children, but also a tear-jerking sadness when he thought about them growing up in such a terrible world.

The War with the Mein Edit

Under the effects of the mist, King Leodan Akaran meets with his chacellor, Thaddeus Clegg, to discuss the Lothan Aklun's demand for an increase to the Quota. Leodan, angry at the insolence of the Lothan, stated the the Quota shall remain as it has been since its founding. Leodan then mentions that Leeka Alain had sent a messenger, Szara, carrying information of grave importance. Thaddeus claims he never recieved the messenger, and then the drug takes affect and Leodan leaves the physical world behind.