General Leeka Alain is an Acacian general and head of the Northern Guard of the Acacian army. He is forty-eight years old at the start of the series.


Leeka is very loyal and dedicated to his position as a general, and always puts the safety of his country above his own safety. He respects all of his soldiers, even those he has never personally met, and feels great remorse over the death of any loyal Acacian soldier.

Early LifeEdit

Not much is known about Leeka's earlier life, other than the fact that more than half of his life has been in military service.

The War with the Mein Edit

Leeka Alain is leading a patrol of troops through the Barrens to find out more about this supposed maurauding army, after he mysteriously lost a whole patrol out in the same area. His patrol stops at the outpost of Hardith before moving on. Three days after leaving Hardith a blizzard engulfs the patrol, who struggle to survive for almost a month of slow marching. On their twenty-second day, a scout returns to Leeka claiming he had heard a sound outside of the noise of the army. The general dismissed it as nonsense, but after he stood at the edge of the column himself he heard the noise, which he recognized as a war drum. For an hour the army waited in defensive position before a huge creature, wooly and horned, with a man sitting atop it barreled through the ranks of Acacian soldiers, stomping over some and tossing others aside. All at once, the rest of the Numrek army appeared through the blizzard and massacred the remaining troops.

When he awoke, Leeka recalled what he could remember from the carnage, his soldiers being speared, hacked, smashed into pulp by those wooly rhinoceroses that the Numrek were riding. After he saw one of the Numrek observe one of his soldiers before shoving a spear through her face, he yelled out across the tundra, which attracted the spearman's attention. Leeka only survived because one of his soldiers, an unknown man, jumped in front of the spear, which hit him with such force that it knocked both him and Leeka back several feet. The impact knocked the general unconscious and left him mistaken for another dead body, so when he woke he was stacked in one of many large piles of burning bodies, none of which contained the bodies of any of the Numrek. He stayed alive by building a fire out of the bodies of his troops before gathering any supplies he could salvage and setting off to follow in his attacker's tracks. For days Leeka walked along the frozen wasteland, feeling dazed and hallucinating, when he suddenly came across a solitary Numrek warrior that he believed was a scout or a deserter. The Numrek was feeding on the body of one of his soldiers, but stopped to grab his weapons when he saw Leeka approach. The warrior was a giant and very nearly succeeded in overpowering the general before he remembered the Eighth Form, which was used to fight two giants at once. Adapting it to his current situation, Leeka succeeded in beheading his attacker and used the severed head to convince the Numrek's nearby rhinoceros to carry him where he needed to go.