Hanish Mein is the eldest son of Heberen Mein, older brother of Maeander and Thasren Mein. He is also the father of Aaden Akaran. He is twenty-nine years old at the start of the series. 


Hanish has the blond hair of the Mein, but unlike most keeps it clipped close to the sides and under the rear curve of his skull. He has three long braids that go down to his shoulder, two woven with caribou hide and one with green silk. His face is described as being sculpted to draw attention to his gray eyes; titled cheekbones and a nose that is shallow at the bridge, as well as the milky skin underneath of his eyelids that seem to glow in the right light.

Early LifeEdit

Hanish was born into the noble family of the Mein, and after his father Heberen died he took over as chieftan of the Mein tribes. Like the rest of the Mein, he saw the injustice of the Akaran's rule and the power of the Tunishnevre, the undead force of their ancestors. The Tunishnevre called out to Hanish, telling him to ease their torture and end the Akaran line. It was this call, along with the long standing injustices that the Mein had suffered under Akaran rule, that prompted Hanish to go to war. He began training a secret army high in the Black Mountains, as well as striking an alliance with the Numrek, a race of powerful giant humanoids from beyond the Ice Fields with a passion for killing. He also managed an alliance with the League, who spoke for the Lothan Aklun when they said they wanted to extinquish the Akaran line and place the Mein on the throne.

The War with the Mein Edit

Hanish sends his Numrek allies down from the stronghold of Mein Tahalian to Cathgergen. He also sends his two brothers off to their own positions in his plan; Thasren to Acacia to eliminate Leodan Akaran, and Maeander to escort Hanish himself to the fortress of Cathgergen to win the governer Rialus Neptos to their cause. After he persuaded the governer to assist the Mein through both fear and promises he returns to Tahalian, leaving Maeander there to prepare the fortress for the approaching Numrek army. It was from Tahalian that Hanish stayed as he watched his carefully executed plan unfold. He recieved constant messenger pigeons from Maeander and other sources about how his plan was playing out, including the message that informed him of Thasren's death and Leodan's fatal wound. His childhood friend and advisor, Manleith, challenged Hanish to the Maseret in an attempt to take Hanish's position as cheiftan. Hanish won the duel by killing his opponent, and then immediatly went back to the fortress to send out two pigeons; one to the Black Mountains telling the hidden army move out, and one to Maeander at Cathgergen telling him to unleash the Numrek. With Leodan dead, Hanish destroyed much of the Akaran army using a deadly contagion obtained from the Numrek.