Acacia is the island that the Akaran family has lived on and ruled from for generations. It is located in the Inner Sea, off the east coast of the Known World. The island is famous for its acacia trees, which give the island its name. A large wall made of pink stone surrounds the city which is built in terraced levels up the mountain, with the buildings topped with spires and domes painted all different colors. The palace rests on a series of plateaus that give it a terraced build.

History Edit

Acacia has been the ancestral home of the Akaran family and the location of the palace from which the family rules over the Known World. The island is also the only place in the Known World where acacia trees grow.

Geography Edit

Acacia has many different types of geography, from the hilly farmland in the center of the island to the man made plateaus that the royal palace is built on. The highest point, known as Haven's Rock, lies at the island's southern end, and there are not many docks or beaches located on the coast.

People Edit

The people of Acacia, called Acacians, have dusky-colored skin, rounded faces, and fair hair due to the island's tropical climate.

Culture Edit

Golden monkeys roam freely around the palace grounds and often in the palace itself, as they have a sacred signifigance to Acacia.